Temporacus, the Glad Gladiator, Goes Totally Latin (Part V)

If you missed Part 1, click here.
and if you missed Part 2, click here.
Three a click and four a click.
Here a click and there a click.
Everywhere a click-click.



Temporacus, the Glad Gladiator,
from the Roman Books of Ben Gay,
Ben Hur’s first born son and close friend of Spartacus.
The Latin Salsa begins…



At the Latin club-us-es
he would buy round-us-es
for everyone of us-es,
this Gener-us Temporacus.


Then he’d do-us
much-us overtime-us
in the
because he
was in a lot-us

In Latin that is:
Brok-us Ahock-us


Maxed out on his
Gladiator credit card-us-es,

Temporacus took out a
temporari-us line of credit-us.
He second mortgaged
his sword and shield
down by the Riverside
(the First Romulus Bank of Rome –
Everyone called it the Riverside.
Great rates!
Cum Unam, Cum Pluribus)


Roman Randy


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