There Is a Room Somewhere With God’s Head In It

Where does God live?
What does He really look like?
What’s He really all about? What is His true nature?
Here is my spin for today. Maybe only for this hour. Who knows?
Check back again with me tomorrow. The world is constantly changing.


There is a Room Somewhere With God’s Head In It

With a trash pile of eye sockets,
Cut-away scrap nostrils,
And a wasteland of a mouth.

God’s Head is filled with aluminum and other precious metals
and throw-away objects.

God’s Head is jammed full of
Every beer and pop and ade and ale container
Ever made;
Every mixed vegetables and beets
And mushrooms and
String beans and early spring peas can
Ever produced;
Every tuna, sardine, oyster, and salmon
As well as a spam lovers’ paradise of
Every pull tab packaging or tin
Ever extruded
is in or coming out of his Head.

And now you know that
God is extrusion.
Now you know the
Nature of creation.

And when there are no raw materials left
From the relentless manufacture of everything,
God will have all of everything ever made
In his face.
In his room.

(And that will be the end of that.

Randy Mazie


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