Flied Fruit (Friday Fictioneers)

Friday Fictioneers – Madison Woods posts a picture that begs to have a 100 word story written about it.

I’ve posted mine below. Visit Madison Woods’ site if you’d like to see and/or learn more.

There is a Fly in My Fruit

“Please take this dessert back.”
“Monsieur, what is ze matter?”
”It’s unacceptable.”
”Pleeze, monsieur, jest let me know what ze matter is?”
”You brought me a fly.”
”Monsieur, this is a fine restaurant. We do not serve flies. ”
”Are you calling me a fly?”
”No, I meant ze food.”
”You don’t serve food?”
”Monsieur, we serve food. We don’t serve flies.”
”And I did not order one.”
”Correct. You ordered fruit.”
“And no flies.”
”We don’t fly our fruit.”
”No, fry, fly… in the fruit.”
“Zat’s what I said, no flies in our fruit. ”
”Never mind. Just take it back.”

Randy Mazie


36 thoughts on “Flied Fruit (Friday Fictioneers)

    • Yeah, that’s what started me off. I also wanted to do a riff in a chinese restaurant with “flied fluit.”
      Liked yours, too – with your fairies. I also like angels, guardians, and dybbuks. Randy

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