Temporacus, the Glad Gladiator, Dark Clouds Rising (Part 4)

Come, children, and continue to listen to the tales of Temporacus.
Dark clouds rising…. If you missed parts I, II, and III (click the Roman Numerals)

Temporacus, the Glad Gladiator,
from the Roman Books of Ben Gay,
Ben Hur’s first born son and close friend of Spartacus.

When it rains, Temporacus’ umbrella-cus o-pen-us



Pigus Latinus


The glad gladiator,
Prayed for rain,
and when it did,
he would, part time,
help refund the stadium tickets.


the glad gladiator,
often visited the
arena’s infirmary,
claiming urinary burning
and difficulties peeing.

And would bring a doctor’s note
covering his sick leave
on his game days.


Randy Mazie

2 thoughts on “Temporacus, the Glad Gladiator, Dark Clouds Rising (Part 4)

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