We’re Not Here for Formal Dining (Friday Fictioneers)

Friday Fictioneers – Madison Woods posts a picture that begs to have a 100 word story written about it.

I’ve posted mine below. Visit Madison Woods’ site if you’d like to see and/or learn more.





We’re Not Here for Formal Dining

“Is she coming?”
“Not yet.”
“Oh boy. Oh boy.””
“Stop drooling on me.
“I wasn’t drooling.”
“You were. And take off that ridiculous red cape.”
“Why? She’ll think I’m family.”
“She’ll see it a mile away.”
“Okay. But I still think it looks good.”
“Listen, we’re not here for formal dining.”
“I know, but she’s such a tasty morsel.”
“Not until we catch her and eat her. Now be quiet.”
“Is she coming?”
“Yes, I can see that little red hood coming up the path now.”
“Oh boy. Oh boy.”
“Damn it. Stop drooling – and be quiet.”

Randy Mazie


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