Temporacus, the Glad Gladiator Returns (Part 3)

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Temporacus, the Glad Gladiator,
from the Roman Books of Ben Gay,
Ben Hur’s first born son and close friend of Spartacus.
The Anals continue….


the glad gladiator,
used God as his shield,
but preferred to battle in the
Basem ballus field
rather than the arena.


The day came when
the glad gladiator,
finally entered the arena.
Some scoffed.
Some laughed,
Many yawned thinking it a replay
of a Jerry Lewis movie.


Watch out,
the crowds cried.
Temporacus clucked
liked a chicken,
arms under his armpits,
and recited love poems to his
blood thirsty opponents.

The emperor was enchanted.
Thumbs up, he cried.
And get me some more crackers.

The day was still young
with more cluckers yet to come.


Randy Mazie


2 thoughts on “Temporacus, the Glad Gladiator Returns (Part 3)

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