High Flyers

Rich from Brainsnorts inc >.<  wrote about  Friday Fictioneers 6/8 in which Madison Woods posts a picture that begs to have a 100 word story written about it.

If you click Brainsnorts above, you’ll see Rich’s story.
I have written mine below.  Go visit the Madison Woods site too if you’d like to see more.

High Flyers

Oliver: Why are we up so high?
Stanley: Pretty day, isn’t it Ollie?
Oliver: Lovely. But we’re a little high.

Stanley looks over the railing.

Oliver: What did you see down there?
Stanley: Nothing, Ollie.
Oliver: Isn’t that odd?

Stanley whimpers

Oliver:  Why are you crying?
Stanley: Because I can’t see anything, and we’re way too high, and
Oliver:  And what? Just turn off the gas and we’ll go down.

Stanley wails.
Oliver: Cut it out, Stanley. Just shut off the gas.

Stanley wails more.
Oliver: Shut off the valve!

Stanley hands him the valve.
Oliver wails, too.

Randy Mazie


19 thoughts on “High Flyers

  1. Wow! There are so many comments for this piece! There are more Laurel and Hardy fans out there than I thought. And obviously, they’re all Randy fans too. 😉

  2. Yesterday we had hot balloon race here and i couldn’t get your story out of mind and was ROFL. My friends thought I have lost my mind. Superb work. I can almost see the broken valve in my hand. he he

    • Did you go up?
      Wait, I just thought of this – maybe you should have brought a valve with you, and laughed, holding it up, as some of your friends took off!!!
      So wicked….
      Thanks for stopping by.

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