Bleeding Cash Conservatives

Peter S. Goodman, Business Editor of The Huffington Post, writes about Bleeding Cash Conservatives as opposed to the old Bleeding Heart Liberals.

Please take a moment and read his “Bleeding Cash Conservatives Wasting Money To Punish Vulnerable Americans”” by clicking this title.

It is so true when he writes that

“We are living through what may be called the age of ‘bleeding cash conservatism,’ a time when powerful and mean-spirited authorities waste taxpayer money on their own version of feel-good policies that punish vulnerable people who have landed in trouble.”

I would like to add to his list of punishing the vulnerable who have landed in trouble and who have taken money – those who actually got this ball rolling to begin with because of their greed – and that is all the banks and lending institutions who we gave government monetary assistance (read that as your and my tax dollars), and yes, Detroit – all the bail-outs that we gave.

Where were these Bleeding Cash Conservatives then, and where are they now, and why are they not complaining about punishing all the corporations who we bailed out? Are not corporations the same as people? Did not the Justices say so?

Where are these Bleeding Cash Conservatives when it’s okay to give themselves tax cuts but not okay for anyone else?

Let them get along without good roads, airports, seaports, water, electric, rescue, police and all the rest that tax dollars pay for and support. How long would their businesses last; or their or their families’ health and welfare.

Some in power keep harping that the poor are creating a class war. See what the poor and oppressed are doing to the rich; they are making this a divided country; The poor and oppressed are doing this shameful thing to the wealthy. I say shame on the wealthy in this country. If it is a class war (and I believe it is), the rich have declared it on the poor. They are oppressing the average man and woman and family in this country. More people than ever see America divided along a median strip of economic lines. And one side is being squeezed completely off the road. And it isn’t the wealthy. And it isn’t corporate America.

As a last note, I see it written over and over again that the way for this country, and the way for the rest of world, to bring itself back from the precipice of depression (based on our experiences from the great depression) is for government spending to stimulate the economy. Not to shrink it further. Whether you are bleeding heart liberal or bleeding cash conservative, the bottom line is still the bottom line. You have to invest to make money.

We need to invest in people, so the people can spend on the wealthy.
Sort of yin-yang, huh?

Randy Mazie


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