Bed Mates

You know – you’ve had them in bed with you.
Those little bundles of joy when sleeping,
who drove you crazy all day running and crying and fighting and whining…
and now they’re little angels, rug-rats in bed dreaming away –
but when they’re in bed with you, they steal away your preciously needed deep rem-sleep…

Bed Mates

Bankywrapt nighttwisters!

       mouthplaypen finger-lings;
Dewy facemoss lacings; drifting
       ‘jama’s powderysunflowers;
Little apniec-snorers,
       sneeze-wheezers and whistlers;
       mother’s bellweather worriers,
Tiny daywarriers!
So soft, soft, soft.

Soft as bedworld sheets; and satefilled
as a light-white-pockety moon
      swinging its way through a love-lit children’s-story.

Randy Mazie


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