These are the haiku’s of party politics, occupy wall and word and world street,  the who-cares and who-gives-a-crap turnpike to the beating down of the beaten down – the old, the poor, the jew and gentile, the gypsy, the uneducated, the black drug tested food stamp recipient, the hooded, the hidden, the unseen, and the hidden away.


In the Politics
of Inequity, the poor lose:
so what, so they lose.

The politics of
the rich demand the poor lose:
it’s the only fair way.

There is no win/lose,
only losers. But who cares?
That’s how the game’s played.

Effete Party feet
trample o’er streets; o’er the poor’s
shoddy, dirty feet

Shoah’s trains coming;
God’s flesh pressed by a Party
bringing better things

Randy Mazie


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