Piano Slam 4

Piano Slam 4 was an entirely novel and wonderful event showcasing middle and high school poets performing their own poetry in conjunction with professional dancers, a poetess/performer, pianists, and a DJ.

You can read about Piano Slam by clicking this link.

If you are an educator or know someone who is – what a great concept to institute in your own area.

It was thrilling for the kids to read their own works, coached by a professional poetry coach, backed up by live performances of the piano duo of Jeroen and Maarten van Veen, DJ Brimstone 127, and a wonderful troupe of dancers of both hip hop and modern styles.

The poetry was about music and how it feels and what it does and how it transcends.

Lauren Welch wrote:

“…Do you remember the song where the gourd bell’s rung?

And the overgrown grass sung

As one so sweet to the pond

It became a river

and our souls began to shiver…”

Leila Zakaris wrote:

“…Kiss me with your lips of soothing hymns

Whisper in my ear

Your rolling tunes of secrets”

Katherine Beltres wrote:

“Where I’m from…

…people aren’t people but music. I am my own harmony…

Where I’m from we aren’t defined by the color of our skin

But of the rhythms within you that you can no longer contain…

Where I’m from there’s no such things as immigrants as we’re all citizens of music.”

And lastly,
Jaimely Torres wrote:

“…Trees grew where I dotted the lines.

She struck a chord and the moon appeared.

She played an arpeggio and the sun shined.

She raised her voice to an octave and I breathed in her work…”

I look forward to next season’s performances.

Randy Mazie


Have some fun...

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