Ecclesiastes 11:5

Bread Upon the Waters
I thought using a Bible passage might be a nice exercise to be motivated to write some poetry.

I’ve written a few haikus using Ecclesiastes 11:5 as my prime mover:

“As you do not know the path of the wind,
    or how the body is formed in a mother’s womb,
so you cannot understand the work of God,
    the Maker of all things.”

Powerful words


I stop, stop in time,
remembering wind and womb
are God’s creation

Bundled up against
the wind, I feel like a
fetus in the womb

Mystery, all is
mystery, the genesis
of womb to wind, howl

Thou art womb and egg,
motion matter green-grown hills,
wind and all, and all

You are the Maker,
floating me in sweet wind’s-song,
caressed in your womb


Have some fun...

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