I Hate Being Wrong… I Am Sorry, Bettina Levy.

I have been wrong many times in my life.

I hate being wrong because I hate admitting being wrong. It is one of several faults of mine (well, one of numerous faults depending on who you are talking to and what day of the week it is). But of those numerous faults, admitting to being wrong is near the top of the list. I don’t like hurting you and my recognition of that hurts me too.

In order for me to admit being wrong, I have to get over my embarrassment, resentment, guilt, and then having to find the courage to admit it and find a way to make it up to the person who I wronged, hoping they will accept it.

I was wrong with regard to a recent posting that I did. Ha. It’s easier to admit in the past tense.

A colleague of mine shared her story with me; and I asked her permission to post it – to which she agreed.  However as I posted it, I added a few adjectives of my own to it for a little more spice, and then I moved around some phrasing to make the recipe a little more to my taste. Don’t we all take someone else’s recipe and alter it to our taste? So I rationalized.

Except, this was her recipe, not mine. And although she agreed to the posting, I had not asked her if it was alright to make changes to her recipe before I posted it as her recipe. When she saw it posted, she said that once I had changed it, however slightly, I had made it  my recipe. She was, and is, right.

I have apologized to her. But I’ll do it again now, and publicly.

I am sorry, Bettina.

Much more cleansing to admit it in the present.

I should have sent you the changes first to find out if they were okay with you. I got excited writing the new post; and didn’t give thought to how you might feel until I after I had posted it. For that I am sorry. It obviously wasn’t done maliciously – and it certainly wasn’t done to appropriate your story. I was excited by the few changes I had made in the recipe. But it was your recipe that I had altered.

Please accept my apology,


P.S.  I made sure to send this to Bettina before I even posted this apology. I didn’t want a mistake being made again. This apology has been given the stamp of approval. Bettina asked that I include that she appreciated what I was doing, her feelings weren’t hurt by what I had done, and that it had only been a slight error in judgment on my part.

We will be posting Gambino Rides Again in a mutually agreed upon new version  for our next posting.

Have some fun...

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