The Ivy League Baseball Team? Oh Boy….

Okay. It’s time for a little change up (pun intended)  in the writing here. Let’s do some soft ball for a moment…

My son and I were sitting at the kitchen table, discussing his favorite subject, baseball, and Ivy League logowe got around to talking about different clubs and styles; and the next-thing-you-know we
were creating an Ivy League Club.
Feel free after you read this to add your own financial twists to this MBA team.

The Ivy League Baseball Team
By Randy Mazie

They were a very dignified and polite team of players. Please note the word “players.” As there certainly no play-ahs, or play-ers in this club.

These were players as in those gentlemen who will eventually move the markets, cruise through corporations, and build Swiss bank accounts faster than you can say, “Capital gains.”

On the ball field, they were all panache.
They had no line up, each insisting back and forth with gentlemanly grace, which one should go first:

“No, sir. You go first.”
“No, I insist it is your turn to take a swing.”
“But Elliot, my dear fellow, I went yesterday, Please take my turn this today.”
“Well, Arthur, I’ll lead off since you insist but only if I buy the first round at the Club later. Say seven’ish?”

On and on it would go.

Who played what position was like having a seat at the opening bell of the market.

“I’ll take a strong position at second base”
“I’d go long, Oscar. But in the meanwhile I’ll take on the left.”
“Make it a short sale at short stop, Roland.”
“Ha. Ha. Gerald, Will you catch a derivative today?”
“Well, Hollis won’t have to pitch that one very hard to me now, will he.”

Their suits were made of the finest cotton linen with the Ivy League crests impeccably embroidered on their shirts. We won’t even discuss their vests, their chapeaus, or their wing-tipped highly polished ebony cleats

They rarely won a game but they hedged all their bets, leased the stadium and the rights to the name, bundled tickets packaged with long-term losses, and offered their opponents preferred stock in their team and low-interest loans in return for their taking a loss in the third and sixth inning. Off shore junkets were often sent to the rival team’s coaches and charitable contributions were rendered to their opponents’ schools.


Have some fun...

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