The Family Meal

It didn’t just start at the dinner table, did it?
But many great stories were told while sharing the meal.
Join me in the journey to the dinner table; the then tell me your own tales.

A Tale

a tale
a whisper
a wind
a scurry
a trail
a scent
a track
a tracker
a hunt
a kill
a carcass
a hide
a hat
a jacket
a meal
a family
a tale

Randy Mazie

3 thoughts on “The Family Meal

  1. That’s a great poem, Randy. I can see a whole story packed in there. I don’t know what animal was being hunted, or what the family dinner is like, but I still got a feel for it. Good job.

    • Thanks, Bettina. I’m glad you’ve joined in. I left this poem very sketchy for the reader to fill in. Do you have a tale? I know you’re good for one. Randy

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