6 or 8 word stories? You got to be kidding.

In David Jacobsen’s web site: http://jacobsenwriting.com/ you will read the following:

My friend Ross has a post up about very short stories… based on Hemingway’s famous:

For sale: baby shoes, never worn.

There’s a lot packed into that, right? …today’s prompt gives you eight words. Just think what you can do with 33% more material! Here’s my first attempt:

Three brothers. Two hugs. One silent goodbye.

I still have another word—maybe I should toss in an adverb!

I posted these on his web page:

One Oak, available for tree house, kid friendly.

Kissed lips: Seeking new love, again

Here are:

Last request – insert teeth upon death.

New cat wanted after ritual killing of hamster.

Long hedge, scraggly, hides scraggly neighboring house well.

Having no curves, her eyes invite me in

One gun, one Skittles, one hood

Tell us your stories


5 thoughts on “6 or 8 word stories? You got to be kidding.

    • ‘Love me? Tell your wife. Coward!”

      old Chinese 10 word proverb:
      When cowards tell wives. Wives and mistresses leave. Tea leaves.
      “No second chances. Hit the pavement.”

      But Baby it’s cold outside…

      “Buried alive. Panic stricken, I scream. Nobody hears.”

      Edgar Allen! Nobody likes it when you play like that

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