Ramble in the Fields….

guys just got to have fun…Cyndi.

kick off your Sunday shoes; please pull me off a my knees;
get back before we crack; lose your blues…
      Kenny Loggins, Dean Pitchford

Let’s have some fun and ramble….
I’m just sitting here watching the world go round and round…John Lennon

“But Marshall Dillon, banter’s good for business.” Fester licked his lips, expecting more.

Ain ain’t nothing
unless it’s Soph
and lightly manifested
Ain soph aur

See… see the
The slide trombone wah-wah’ed muted down the hall.

Potter pool-ed, wet limp wands raised eyebrows, no magic there that could be seen.

Phi Beta Mutha Kappa,
Invention of – you know, Zappa
No elitist street coroner rappa –
no crappa!

the corners of Columbia,
leagues of ivy
herald me home,
not soar

But we wuz just getting started, Marie!
Lost our heads a little, did we?
Not off with them, I hope.

I ain’t afraid o’ no ghosts…

Us two? Too loud?
Is the clattering of words
in the kitchen –
keeping you up?

I’ve had a lot of fun
best regards to you both.
You know who you are.



Have some fun...

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