Gray… today is all about color

Your color; my color; colors of the world;
color blind; what is the color of blindness;
what color is the night…


Gray is

     goes on forever,

Gray is the portraited photograph
     of family members
     unknown, unremembered.

Gray is the gelding of
     day to night,
     sky to sea to earth.

Gray is the blurring of horizons,
     smearing, smudging
     judgments and forgivenesses.

Gray, the world is gray,
     like shed snake skin,
     or firecracker dust.

Gray like old animal hide,
     powdered wigs,
     emptied sacks.

Gray as your time piece,
     or your mother’s old made up face,
     gray as my depression.

Randy Mazie


2 thoughts on “Gray… today is all about color

  1. Interesting that you chose gray with an “a” — I always have to pause when I’m using the word to think if I writing about grAy or grEy. is there a difference for you?

    • I notice the difference, too – and I like grAy better than grEy. I see grAy in myriad forms; for some reason, I only see grEy clouds. grEy is too concrete for me. But that it is me… grAyly yours, rAndy

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