What’s a Clerihew?

We got to get some poetry into this mix; and what’s a better way and more fun than a clerihew. In case it’s not clerihew or clear to you – a clerihew is a 4 line poem, AABB rhyme scheme, generally poking fun at a famous person, and the first line usually has that person’s name in it. Here’s one by yours truly. Let’s hear some from you…

                Mick Jagger

That famous rocker, Stones’ Mick Jagger
Had small hips and a giant swagger,
Big old lips and chiseled face,
And, oh my Lord, could rock the place!




9 thoughts on “What’s a Clerihew?

  1. Lassie the dog was all illusion;
    Sorry–your confusion.
    She was really a man in a furry suit
    and a Shi’ite Muslim, to boot!

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