Nobody in Their Right Mind: Friday Fictioneers

Each week Friday Fictioneers – Madison Woods posts a pic that begs to have a 100 word story written about it. Visit Madison Woods’ site if you’d like to see and/or learn more.

Nobody in Their Right Mind
Hoo boy. Lookee. That’d make me stop drinkin’.
Nothing will stop you from drinkin’, Roy.
I’d nary have a drop o’ that.
Nary a drop? Ha. More’n likely you’d drink a still’s worth.
Maybe. But now how’s I’ve seen it, I’ll pass.
Roy, I’ve seen you drink wood grain, mouth wash, and turpentine!
Yeah, but I was already drunk. Nobody in their right mind would drink somethin’ made from
Roy, you have no right mind.
Shut up and pass me the damn jug. I’ll be in my right mind soon enough and everything
      will look good – even you, Jethro.

Randy Mazie

20 thoughts on “Nobody in Their Right Mind: Friday Fictioneers

  1. ” Nobody in their right mind would drink somethin’ made from
    “Roy, you have no right mind.”

    Reminds me of Macduff’s confrontation with Macbeth:

    Macbeth: “No man born of a woman can kill me.”
    Macduff: “But I wasn’t born of a woman. I was taken out of my mother before I was due.”

    (That’s just a crude paraphrase so don’t take me up on this, OK?)

    • Wow. That’s some comparison. I wish I could claim that it was my inspiration.
      And as I read it I am chuckling to think that if Jethro had said that to Roy,
      I’m afraid that rather than ask for the jog, he’d be going for his shotgun… HA.

  2. Man, the thought of drinking anything made from that really turns my stomach. I appreciate your story’s originality too-I would never have thought to write something like this. Good job!

    • Thanks. Care to celebrate? I’m buying…
      BTW in your story, was the mother pissed that the daughter unlocked her from the tree?
      I also can’t help but allow my off-beat humor creep in and ask if the kids in the neighborhood. after this episode. referred to her as Mother Hugger?
      Just my slight attempt at humor. Hope to hear from you soon. Randy

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